Transportable homes: a great way to enter the real estate market

Palmerston North, as a vibrant small town located on the North Island, is becoming an attractive option for first-time home buyers. Thanks to its many educational institutions and numerous employment opportunities, the city has long been a favorite place for a younger population. And this population seeks to put down roots.

However, although still more affordable than big cities like Auckland and Wellington, the recent rise in property prices has made it difficult for first-time buyers to enter the Palmerston North market. The result has been an increased interest in building portable homes as an alternative to purchasing traditional building structures.

Portable homes are built offsite and assembled onsite. This process saves time, reduces costs and ensures a higher quality construction with less overall maintenance. In addition to saving time and money, homeowners can get the exact design they want. It is also possible to relocate the house as needed, reducing future moving costs. And, if homeowners wish to sell, their portable homes will earn competitive returns on investment.

So it makes sense that many first-time buyers are looking to invest in portable homes in Palmerston North to begin their climb up the property ladder. These homes offer the best of both worlds – a solid, beautiful home in a city full of opportunity that also doesn’t come with the same high price tag as a traditional build.

For young buyers, it is also possible to easily extend their transportable constructions, as their family grows; depending on the size of the land on which the house is built, of course.

With all of these advantages, it is likely that the market for portable homes in Palmerston North will grow exponentially in the years to come as the town itself grows and more buyers enter the market.

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