Semiconductor Silicon IP Market 2021 Industry Trends, Segments, Opportunities and Growth Forecast 2027 – Instant Interview

Market scenario

Global Semiconductor Silicon IP Market was valued at US$3.44 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach US$9.1 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 11.76%.

Global Semiconductor Silicon IP Market

The global semiconductor silicon IP market is segmented on the basis of IP source, design, application and region. Based on applications, the semiconductor silicon IP market is categorized into consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, commercial, industries and others. Consumer electronics is estimated to hold the largest market share owing to the growing use of consumer electronics across all geographies. Based on design, the semiconductor silicon IP market is divided into hard IP core and soft IP core. Soft IP Core is estimated to increase the market due to its ability to test in virtual environments and optimization of hardware components.

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The increasing use of mobile phones, which is driving the smartphone market, is indirectly increasing the market for semiconductor silicon IP. Moreover, the growing demand for advanced smartphones will increase the demand for semiconductor IP. Rising demand for modern SOC designs, advancement of consumer electronics for multi-core technology and at the same time thefts of IP, counterfeits are acting as a drag on the semiconductor silicon IP market.

In terms of region, North America is estimated to hold a major share of the semiconductor silicon IP market, followed by Europe. North America is investing heavily in consumer electronics and automotive applications. Increase the market of Global Semiconductor Silicon IP Market in Asia-Pacific due to increasing economic conditions and growing consumer electronics proliferation. China is one of the largest mobile manufacturers in the global market, and the rise in electronic content will drive the automotive market of the global semiconductor silicon IP market.

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Key players the studies, analyzed, profiled and benchmarked in the Semiconductor Silicon IP Market are Arm Limited, synopsys, Cadence, Imagination Technologies, Ceva, Lattice Semiconductor, Vivante, Kilopass Technology, Atmel, Intel, Rambus, Mentor Graphics, Renesas Electronics, Ememory Technology, Silab Tech, Open-Silicon, Dream Chip Technologies, TansPacket, Achronix Semiconductor, Sonics, Xilinx, CORTUS, Digital Blocks, Dolphin Integration, Altera, Cadence Design System, CAST, CEVA and EnSilica.
The Scope of the Global Semiconductor Silicon IP Market:

Semiconductor Silicon IP Market by IP Source:

• Licence
• Royalties
Semiconductor Silicon IP Market By Design:

• Processor IP
• IP memory
• IP interface

Semiconductor Silicon IP Market by Application:

• Telecom
• Industries
• Consumer electronics
• Automotive
• Commercial
• Others

Semiconductor Silicon IP Market by Region:

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Middle East and Africa
• Latin America

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Leading Players of Global Semiconductor Silicon IP Market:

• Limited arm
• Synopsis
• Cadence
• Technologies of the imagination
• This will
• Network semiconductor
• Alive
• Kilopass Technology
• Atmel
• Intel
• Rambus
• Mentoring Charts
• Renesas Electronics
• Memory technology
• Silab Tech
• Open silicon
• Dream chip technologies
• TransPacket
• Achronix Semiconductor
• Sounds
• Xilinx
• Digital blocks
• Dolphin integration
• Altera
• Cadence design system
• Silica