Real estate investment will be the best asset class in 2…

Property investing will be the best performing investment asset in 2022, making it the top choice ahead of cash, stocks and cryptocurrency, according to almost one in three UK adults (30%).’s Retail Investor Sentiment Report surveyed 2,001 UK adults in December 2021 and 39,573 adults globally to reveal Britons are among the most likely to support physical investments in 26 countries.

The 30% of Britons who said property would be the best performing investment this year was well above the global average of 23%. The second most popular choice is cash, with almost a quarter of Britons (24%) saying it will be the best investment in 2022, followed by stocks and ETFs (17%) and cryptocurrency (15%).

Michelle Stevens, mortgage expert at, said the survey results suggest that rising interest rates are not stopping Britons from thinking property is a good investment.

“Britons are most likely to support property over other investments, although the Bank of England recently raised the base interest rate. The Bank has hinted that further rate hikes will Interest is on the horizon, which could put an end to the house price boom we’ve seen over the past two years,” she said.

“If you’re considering buying a property this year, it’s important to take into account possible rate hikes, as this could make mortgage repayments more expensive, particularly if you have a variable mortgage rate. ”

She added: “Only time will tell if this will happen, but it’s important to plan ahead for all possible scenarios, especially as the market remains quite uncertain.”

You can view the full report here.

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