Real estate investment hotspots for 2022 – expert advice

However, Belfast is a big city with lots going on and still extremely affordable.

“But over the next few years, if you invest there, we believe you will be well rewarded,” the property experts added.


According to the latest Land Registry data, Derby is up 10.7% year-on-year, putting it up there with Liverpool.

Rob and Rob said they thought Derby was an up-and-coming business that people should be comfortable investing in, as the average salary is among the highest in the UK, while still being one of the most affordable cities.

Property experts have warned it is ‘a mismatch that will not last much longer’.

They added: “Derby is starting to get attention and that attention will soon turn into mass attention because you can’t just have double digit growth and a majority of investors ignore that for a lot longer. long time.”

To monitor


Newcastle have been named as one of Rob and Rob’s ‘ones to watch’.

They said: “We’re not saying go and invest in Newcastle now, but we’re saying be careful and maybe invest in Newcastle if after your research you feel comfortable.

“Newcastle is not, at the moment, performing well and it grew by 5.3% last year.

However, Newcastle is definitely a place to watch as its accessibility levels are very good, it has excellent transport links and plenty of employment opportunities.


Property experts said investors would not expect to invest in London now based on the 18-year property cycle.

However, the city experienced tremendous growth in the first phase of the cycle and actually overtook the rest of the country.

Over the past few years, London’s growth has slowed and the rest of the country has had a chance to catch up.

The city may have room to grow for three reasons:

1. Wages have increased, but house price growth has slowed.

2. The return to life in the city.

3. London will benefit from opening up to the world.

Rob and Rob added: “Do we expect London to be at the top in terms of capital growth? No.

“Can you say there is great value in London? No you can not.

“But as a super safe long-term investment location, London is hard to beat, and there could be a decent entry point this year.

“So if you want to have London properties in your portfolio, it’s worth keeping an eye out for 2022.