Real Estate Investment Forum 2022

Two and a half years after the outbreak of the pandemic, there are still many question marks, risks and difficulties in the real estate market, the answers to which, according to optimists, should have been known a year ago. It didn’t happen like that, at least not in everything. The new world order has caused serious damage to certain sub-markets, but there have been tremendous advances and developments in other areas. This shift between the old and the new world is still going on, and power relations are still evolving. We may be more aware of the real damage and concrete changes and transformations, but it will be many years (if ever) before we reach a new low point. Rebuilding the market and placing it on new foundations, inserting the new normal remains our task. Change should not be seen as a threat but always as an opportunity to be seized and exploited, which is increasingly supported by new knowledge these days.

There could be no better opportunity to create the information and networking context necessary for our company, our business model and our investments than a personal meeting where this dynamic and lively market, full of professional contacts and friendly, the world of skilled real estate workers can come together, shake hands, drink merrily, celebrate again and, of course, exchange opinions, debate and listen to market influencers on the most important professional and business issues.

In 2022, we will bring together the most important players in the national real estate industry in an old and new location in the city center and offer everyone an all-day event on topics such as investments, development, financing, macroeconomic processes, technological innovations, telecommuting, operations, retail, hospitality, e-commerce, logistics, housing market, alternative products, marketing and digitalization. Don’t miss this year’s event! Let’s meet !

Real estate trophies 2022

We will be presenting the Portfolio Property Awards again at the same time and place as the conference! We have returned to our old traditions: we will present the awards for the best achievements voted by the professional jury at the end of the conference, during a standing reception in a solemn atmosphere. Please celebrate with us the most important market results of the last 12 months at the end of the conference.