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Kuala Lumpur, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wealth Core Academy was established in 2012. The academy is dedicated to the principle of education without prejudice or discrimination.

Goldhill Paradise Sdn Bhd and Rachel Lim are pleased to announce that Wealth Core Academy, the platform of CORE’s mission to provide financial education to 10,000,000 investors, has reached the ten year milestone of operation. Over the past 10 years, the company has served more than 10,000 investors through its educational programs. The teaching on Real Estate Investment Education in Malaysia is done through bilingual Chinese-English courses for middle and low income earners to create wealth through real estate investment and enable distribution of wealth for a balanced and healthy society.

Rachel believes that her life stories and the transformations in her life can inspire and help others. She has dedicated her life to being an educator, sharing her knowledge and experience to lead more people to success. His favorite quote is: “Know the game. Play the game. Win the game and don’t lose the game!” Begins the investment journey. Live our life fully. I can do it.

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When WCA was first established, Rachel and her partners had differences over the direction of the business. While the associates wanted the company to focus solely on high profitability, Rachel realized that her passion and mission was primarily for the company to change people’s destinies through education. Rachel has decided to part ways with partners so she can continue and focus on her mission to inspire and positively impact lives through education. The result is Diamond Property Malaysia without deposit.

In her practice, she has observed that many trainers focus on over-indebtedness and taking out excessive loans as the main focus of real estate investing. Without understanding the investment fundamentals, working strategy and good management, it will greatly increase the risk in real estate investment. Her system and investment model is based on Rachel’s 12 years of experience, which aims to create maximum return with minimum risk and using minimum costs.

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Goldhill Paradise Sdn Bhd has set up courses to correct misconceptions and misunderstandings about property investments. Rachel changed her life and succeeded with her teaching principles.


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