New Lancashire real estate investment company launched to help people invest

Adam Forsyth and Nick Jones set up Switch Property Investments in Kirkham to help Lancashire residents build a nest egg by buying, renovating and managing investment properties.

Nick, who worked in public relations as a UK public affairs manager for a global energy company in Lancashire, and Adam, a project manager and engineer, wanted to turn their passion for property into a business at full-time.

Both had already built up their own property portfolios and renovated a series of buildings, before starting their business to help others do the same and invest in bricks and mortar for the future.

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Adam Forsyth and Nick Jones of Switch Property Investments, Kirkham

They said their goal was to make it easier for customers to buy a property and get the best possible returns on their investment and that the company’s goal was to build long-lasting, high-value relationships by listening to customer needs and offering a flexible and highly personalized service.

The company creates a personal investment plan, offers tax, legal and mortgage advice to its professional partners, finds the best investment properties and renovates them at a lower cost with its trusted trades.

Nick said: “People think it’s ‘risky’ to invest their hard-earned money somewhere other than their bank or building society, when in reality the biggest risk you can take is not not invest your money, assuming it is invested wisely.

“Inflation is on the rise and the real value of people’s hard-earned savings is falling, with interest rates not keeping pace with inflation. Inflation and low interest rates have a negative impact on people, that’s why we want to help people fight these and get fantastic returns on their investments.

Adam said: “Most people we meet know they should invest in real estate and generally want to. Often they haven’t acted because they don’t know where to start or because they’ve heard negative stories. There’s no denying that real estate can be a lot of work and isn’t for everyone, but that’s why we started Switch Property Investments.

“We know which properties to buy and how to manage them properly. By working with us, much of the investment risk is taken on and you get a better performing property without any hassle.”

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