Must-Read of the Week: China’s Efforts to Support the Real Estate Market Are Failing

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In Depth: China’s Endless Coal Price Problems

Market stabilization policies prove difficult to apply and geopolitics pose new problems

China’s efforts to support the real estate market are failing

While local governments have taken steps to boost the struggling sector, supply and demand remain weak

# Cover Story #

The disarray of the vocational training system in China

The supply of skilled workers to keep the economy running is shrinking after decades of emphasis on university education and skills training

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Four things to know about China’s plan to go ‘all-out’ on infrastructure

As policymakers dust off the old stimulus playbook to spur growth, some observers question whether the spending campaign will have the desired effect

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In Depth: China’s Struggle to Revive Credit Demand

Government monetary easing efforts, including measures such as lowering interest rates, have failed to spur growth

Foreign capital returns to China’s stock market

In early June, foreign investors bought 26.1 billion yuan net of mainland-listed stocks, more than the combined total for the previous two months.


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China should deepen reform, opening up to maintain economic stability

For China’s economy to stabilize, it is important to reinvigorate private and foreign investment and boost market participants’ confidence in China’s economic prospects.

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Did Henan Authorities Abuse Virus Checks to Stop Scammed Bank Depositors?

Investors planning to gather in Zhengzhou for the June 13 protest find themselves locked down as their health risk codes suddenly turn red

Northern Chinese city launches blitzkrieg to tackle gang violence amid national outcry

The government campaign is a response to a restaurant brawl in which women were assaulted by thugs

# World #

China will go to war if ‘anyone dares’ to help Taiwan’s independence, defense minister warns

Wei Fenghe warns the United States at a security conference in Singapore that his country will “fight to the end” to defend its sovereignty over the island

#Long Reading Weekend#

Chinese trade growth recovers from Covid shock

The sharp improvements in exports and imports reflect China’s gradual move away from the severe supply chain and logistics disruptions caused by omicron over the past two months


Gallery: Life is interrupted again as Covid cases rebound in Beijing


# Podcast #

Caixin China Biz Roundup: Local officials accused of exploiting health code system

An anti-Covid system was reportedly used to prevent people from withdrawing money from banks in Henan province


Red flag in Henan red fake health codes

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