Launching a new platform to make real estate investing more…

A PropTech startup launched in 2017 to make real estate investing less cumbersome and more inclusive has announced the launch of its new real estate investing platform.

Brickowner, which aims to enable users to invest in professionally managed properties in minutes rather than weeks, says the new platform will provide the only existing end-to-end solution for property investors, fund managers and developers.

“We’ve streamlined the complex real estate investing and onboarding process to help democratize real estate investing and make financing more accessible,” said Fred Bristol, co-founder and CEO of Brickowner.

“The launch of our new platform has further reduced investment time to minutes and broken down the barriers to investor onboarding.”

The launch of the new real estate investment platform comes after the team researched its 4,000 investors on the platform. The research revealed a shift in investor expectations, with more and more wanting easy online access to real estate investments to perform due diligence, invest, track and manage.

“Brickowner’s solution serves two different groups, investors and real estate professionals, including developers and fund managers. The first problem we solve is the very inaccessible, time-consuming and expensive real estate investment process for investors,” Bristol adds.

“If you are an investor in the UK at the moment you will face average house prices of £360,000 according to the latest figures from Rightmove and a lack of stock in the market. Then you have the legal and administrative costs of acquisition and the cost and time of management. As an asset class, real estate is notoriously clunky, expensive, and illiquid. We wanted to find a way to overcome these pitfalls and provide access to professionally managed real estate investment opportunities.

Brickowner also claims that it helps real estate fund managers and property developers overcome “legacy processes” to access new sources of funding and manage their investors.

“Ongoing legislative changes have created barriers to onboarding new investors and accessing this source of funding for fund managers and property developers. Our solution provides an end-to-end solution for users to perform their KYC and AML checks and to manage investors,” explains Bristol.

“In order to build technology that lasts, we build it around our investor platform and the needs of our real estate clients. This way it stays relevant and allows us to continually improve our technology and solve a problem. We are excited about the launch of our latest platform and the impact it will have on the market.”

The Brickowner property investment platform is “democratizing property investing” by giving property investors access to professionally managed investment opportunities from as little as £500.

The new investment platform includes features to manage and trade their investments from a “simple dashboard”. Self-certified investors can access investment opportunities including portfolios, developments, multi-projects and property-backed portfolios in the residential and commercial sectors.