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Submission of a false rape complaint against his brother: victim
India time | 6 days ago | 29-08-2022 | 04:58
India time
6 days ago | 29-08-2022 | 04:58

Panaji: A court in North Goa has granted a man conditional release after his sister said she filed a bogus rape complaint against him out of frustration for objecting to her relationship with her boyfriend. The court was hearing the defendant’s bail application. “The victim has also attached a copy of the letter filed by him with the police on July 10, 2022, to aggravate the offense and withdraw the complaint,” said Sharmila A Patil, judge for additional sessions, Mapusa. court that she was in a relationship, which her family members and brother objected to, as a result of which her relationship with her boyfriend was strained and she suffered stress, trauma, mental agony and enormous intimidation and was unable to make correct decisions, and therefore filed a complaint out of frustration. The complainant said she resolved to amicably between them to end the embarrassment and stigma the family is suffering. The court said the defendant would be granted conditional release as his presence could be guaranteed at the time of trial.