Avoid ‘no down payment’ gurus and invest wisely in real estate, says new book

A new book shines a spotlight on get-rich-quick opportunities in the real estate education industry in a bid to keep investors from getting ripped off.

Real estate developer and trainer Henry Davis says the industry is full of charlatans who charge outrageous prices and from personal experience taking courses believes their training is dishonest and misleading because you will never get rich doing it.

“The only reason they say you can ‘buy property with no money down’ is that they don’t want to narrow their target audience by giving a minimum number to attend,” he said. says LandlordZONE.

According to Davis, investing proactively, but prudently, will result in fewer mistakes, and he wrote The truth about ownership “a practical and definitive guide to truly succeeding in the real estate market, at all levels” to explain how, offering practical advice on due diligence, appraisals, buying tips and the art of project management .

“Watch live auctions in your target area and don’t worry about the data, you’ll find out what’s in demand and also learn how to assess property and rental yield,” advises Davis.

“And make sure your first project is a major renovation – that way, working with a professional architect, surveyor and planning consultant, you’ll get a great crash course.”


His suggestions are based on 32 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate – he now operates under We buy any house Liverpool, M Luxury & H Apartments and Genii Developments Ltd – and is already sharing his knowledge on Courses run by the NRLA as well as through one-on-one mentorship.

The Liverpool-based author started by buying a neighbour’s house in 1990, then began trading properties 20 years ago, buying in bulk from developers and flipping contracts by reselling them individually – by using each buyer’s deposit to fund their deposit with the developer.

Davis is now focused on developing large HMO blocks, all en-suite and a minimum of nine square meters, which is the secret to low tenant churn, he explains. “I spend an average of 24 months with these HMOs, compared to the industry average of six to eight months.”

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