a little-known real estate investment hotspot

Reading’s strong job market and economic growth seen in recent years make it a competitor for one of the South East’s most promising real estate investment sites.

In recent years, capital values, rental yields and tenant demand have all seen an upward trend in Reading. According to local real estate agent Haslams, the city has many promising factors that make it a great place to buy opportunities for homeowners as well as investors.

The company’s latest house price index shows values ​​have risen 4% in the city over the past year. While the South East has seen smaller price increases than other parts of the country, Reading is a great place for those looking to shop near London but not inside London.

This is corroborated by a number of independent analyzes of the region. In a recent EY report, for example, the Thames Valley was named one of the best performing regions over the next three years in terms of economy. And Reading in particular saw a 2.2% growth in gross value added.

Reading of rental values ​​that stand

Real estate investors and landlords are seeing an increasing demand for tenants in the region, with demand coming from international tenants as well as foreign students and business people. According to Mike Shearn, chief operating officer at Haslams, Reading has also seen an “all-time low for empty times” as tenants take over rental properties.

He comments: “Data from Goodlord has shown that 94% of renters no longer have any reason to worry about the pandemic affecting their income and ability to rent a home, which follows high levels of activity on the market, ”added Shearn.

“In terms of rental values, the last three months have seen a 5% increase caused by the lack of stock and the upsurge in the number of international tenants.

He continued, “As we move into the final three months of the year, there is an exciting opportunity for a great return on investment as demand continues to remain at a high level. “

Read against London

A few decades ago, London was the preferred location for real estate investment because of its impressive capital gains. Most of those who invested back then are now seeing the results. However, the strengthening of housing markets outside the capital has been underway for several years and, with prices in the capital higher than ever before, many investors are opting for areas of the future that offer more room for appreciation. capital.

Plus, leveling across the country means job markets elsewhere are giving the capital a run for their money. Job prospects in Reading have increased and the city is often known as the “Silicon Valley” of the United Kingdom due to its reputation as a technology hub.

The region has a lot to offer young professionals and families. With plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and social spaces, many no longer need to travel to London. However, for those who do, trains to Paddington can take as little as 23 minutes. In addition, with the arrival of Crossrail, commuters and travelers will soon be able to reach the capital from Reading by tube.

Shearn says: “Reading – and the Thames Valley region at large – demonstrates an incredibly vibrant job market and when this is paired with interest rates that remain at historically low levels and willing people to move, the result is incredibly strong. rental and sales market. This in turn boosted capital values, rents and returns. “