5G to transform the real estate market: analysts

VIETNAM, March 19 –

5G will become the new normal for commercial real estate. — Photo courtesy of Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam

HCM CITY – Being better connected with 5G will become the new normal for commercial real estate, experts say.

5G, the next generation of wireless technology, is designed to usher in the era of “everything connected”.

In Việt Nam, according to the Department of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Information and Communications, last year, telecommunications companies have stepped up their investments in broadband infrastructure.

5G networks have been tested in 16 provinces and cities; The 4G network covers 99.8% of the population and the fiber optic networks cover all the towns and districts of the country.

5G will be commercialized this year.

In real estate, the market plays an important role as many smart cities are being developed and commercial projects are springing up all over the country.

Trang Bùi, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam, said, “For commercial real estate, real-time asset monitoring could reduce operating costs and downtime, and 5G can open up new avenues. towards productivity. The pandemic has shown the need to transform the way we work and collaborate, and 5G has the potential to be part of that transformation.

An expert was quoted as saying on vnbusiness.vn that investors consider factors such as digitization and stability before parting with their money.

These factors are now considered more advantageous than traditional factors like low cost, large population and abundant human resources, and smart cities and projects where data and technology can be transmitted are preferred, he said. added.

Cushman & Wakefield said in a new report, “As we learn more about the capabilities of 5G, we are increasingly looking for opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. especially when it comes to sensors, buildings, and our ability to monitor different data points. around a given building.

“The number of sensors and the amount of data are growing exponentially, and 5G allows us to capture that data in real time so we can build smarter analytics around it. The potential in this area is enormous.

One of the drivers of real technological change will be 5G’s ultra-low latency, which is the time it takes for data to travel from the user to the central processor and back again, bringing time back needed at much less than the blink of an eye.

5G will directly impact many spaces in commercial real estate, including smart city, smart homes, healthcare, office spaces, the company said.

With more households using connected devices, centralized servers that process data collected from these devices increase privacy risk and latency.

In offices, 5G can eliminate excess cabling and basic infrastructure. If businesses can use private 5G, no Wi-Fi network or infrastructure will be needed.

This would ultimately open up many possibilities for designing floor plans and flexible workspaces.

“5G technology can do a lot for commercial real estate,” Trang said.

“Whether through robots, cars, health devices or retail, 5G will undoubtedly transform not only the way we operate, but also the way we work, live and play. .” —VNS